Re-Creating Healthy Soils

Regenerating soil systems, one dog at a time

Healthy soil systems rely on nutrients being returned to the soil-web. This has happened throughout the history of the planet with great efficiency – until we started clearing and developing vast areas of land.

Dung beetles bury one of the most nutrient-rich substances there is – poop. The problem faced is two-fold. Firstly, our clearing for development strips dung beetle habitats away with the topsoil. Secondly, dung beetles can be selective eaters, so the right type of poop has to be on hand, for the right species of beetle.

Our urbanisation methods remove the beetle populations from the topsoil layer through clearing, and remove their nutrient source (animal waste). To overcome both of these, a new approach to the management of dog waste is needed.

The ecological benefits of a healthy dung beetle population range from healthier soils through to less contaminated runoff to waterways. Dung beetles are a vital re-integrator of organic matter into their local environments, and help to create sustainable ecosystems.

Making your life better, by creating theirs

Dung beetle populations in urban areas are frequently eliminated through process of clearing and development. The subsequent environment is then created and managed such that beetles are unable to find adequate food to sustain regeneration of populations.

The solution is providing dung beetles with a controlled environment to eat and breed in, where they are granted the perfect conditions to establish a thriving colony.

The goal is to assist beetles to re-establish populations in areas where they have sustainable conditions to do so, but have not been able to get a foothold. To do this the machine uses a series of sensors and environmental controls to maintain consistent, perfect conditions and trigger each stage of the growth and reproductive cycle.

Technology as a helping hand

  • Self-contained unit, scalable to cater for multiple, large dogs
  • Smart environmental management, ensuring ideal breeding conditions
  • Removable, hot-swappable beetle laying bed(s)
  • Automated delivery of dog waste from input to laying bed
  • Non-soil based organic laying substrate
  • Networked growth-cycle updates
  • Group management of multiple bins to ensure sustainable colonies
  • Web-based control and monitoring

How it happens

Everything the bin does is about creating the most usable resource possible to the beetles, and giving them the best conditions to breed and grow in. The input side is simple – put dog poop in at the top of the unit.

From there, the poop is mixed together, to homogulate it and make sure it is a usable consistency. It is also treated with UV light to remove anything that may be living or dangerous to the beetles.

From there, the poop is fed to the top of the laying bed, and distributed in a natural shape for the beetles to bury.

Once the beetles have buried all the poop and laid their eggs, you can allow them to keep going, or remove the laying tray and replace it with a fresh one.

The system uses data from over 50 years of studies into dung beetle populations around the world to provide the ideal conditions for growth and maximise the efficiency of waste disposal. The datasets are matched to real-time sensor data within the machine – comparing the current readings to expected results. Added to this is a long-term learning capability, to allow each machine to perform optimally for its local conditions, and manipulate settings based on the input of the specific waste usually disposed of in it.

5 easy steps

  1. Follow the simple on-screen instructions to configure for your species of beetle and environmental conditions (takes about 1 minute)
  2. Using our cellulose based one-use scoop pick up the waste and add it to the opening
  3. Confirm the dog hasn’t been wormed in the past 48 hours
  4. Continue to add waste over the growth cycle
  5. At the end of the cycle either split your colony or simply let the machine manage the population for you!

The process is entirely self-contained, there is no need for added catalysts or interaction to keep the beetles working.

Puppis Baw Better Dog Bin cross section

Creating new populations of beetles

What do you do with your new beetles? There are two options. If you have a space you would like them to get to work in, you can bury the laying tray, and when they emerge, they will get straight to work. If you just need the processing and have nowhere to release your beetles, we will be more than happy to buy them from you, to supply to other dog-families.

Options and Configurations

There are two primary configurations for the Puppis Baw Better Dog Bin.

The first is a compact, single laying module designed for one small dog and small enough for a Balcony or courtyard.

The second is a modular, scalable unit capable of catering from one dog to dozens – perfect for bigger dogs, large yards and even public spaces like parks and ovals.

Both systems are built on a common technical architecture, connected and secured using IRAP certified cloud technologies.

Outright purchase, system lease and grow-partner purchasing options will be available.


We’re collecting interest for our first customers, so whether you’re looking to tidy your apartment, or take care of urban open spaces, register your interest and we’ll be in contact to get your solution just right and out to you.

Estimated shipping dates for pre-orders are April-June 2019.

Interested? Let us know how you’d use yours, and we’ll keep you up to date.