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What’s included?

  • 2 species of dung beetle suitable for your region
  • Free shipping for each species
  • Detailed release instructions, and
  • After sales support.

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Dung Beetles Dog Poo?

Yes. You can now order nature’s poo solution to recycle your dog’s poo into healthy soil in your back yard.

How does it work?
When you place your order we send you the next active species of beetle at the beginning of their season. When the other species of beetle emerge for their season we follow up with a second package. Don’t worry, we’ll get in touch to let you know they’re coming before we put them in the post.
When you get each package, let all the beetles go in your back yard and they get
to work. All you have to do is keep them well fed, and you have yourself a permanent dog poop solution at home. It’s that simple.

Is it difficult to release the beetles?
Releasing the beetles is easy. Simply, follow the instructions in your package and release them in your yard on the evening the package arrives. Your beetles will be hungry after their trip and will get to work right away. That’s it. All you need to do is keep them well fed. Burying poop is their one job, and they’ve evolved to do it pretty well, so they can find the new poops all by themselves.

Why do I need two species?
Australia’s hot summers, cold winters and the beetles lifecycle means that different species of beetle will be active in your garden at different times of the year. You need both species to enable effective burial during both the warmer and cooler seasons.

What happens to the beetles in their off-season?
Your lawn is now a dung beetle nursery. Like butterflies in their chrysalis, the baby beetles are hanging out in their poop-ball cribs. Unlike butterflies, baby dung beetles spend their whole lives from egg to pupae in their dung balls, eating from the inside out as they grow. Once the soil temperature and root zone soil moisture reach the right levels for their season the baby beetles finish maturing and emerge as adult dung beetles ready to clean up your yard.

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7 reviews for All You Need Poo-Patrol

  1. Karyn

    Fantastic product, did wonders for our dog and horse poop! Only took a couple of days for the colony to take hold and then no collection required after that.
    Gemma was super helpful and lovely to deal with.
    I’m recommending these beetles to all the dog owners I know!

  2. Aref

    Initial skepticism aside, I was pretty impressed with the results. So initially, there wasn’t much happening and there was some dog poo accumulating but what I did notice is that the beetles were taking out what they needed and started burying the poo and helping the surface decomposition as well. About 4-5 weeks in, I went from having a clay/rock/useless bit of land to useable fertile soil. So I started moving the dog pooping regions around, and now the whole area is green and useable land. I so Highly recommend this poop solution. Picking up dog poop is the bane of my existence no more.

  3. Karen

    We bought the Autumn/Winter beetles this year to see if they could handle the mountains of poop our two large breads regularly drop.

    After the beetles are done all thats left is a dry husk. We still do poo patrol but a lot less ofter now. And a lot less smelly.

    We have just released the Spring/Summer stock and are looking forward to a freasher outdoor experience this year … with less flies too.

    The people at Puppies Baw are friendly and focused on customer satisfaction. Gemma is a ‘gem’ and has given us a lot of personal attention to make sure the beetles are happy, we’re happy and most importantly, the dogs are happy.

  4. Jason

    So I purchased the Spring/ Summer Collection in the later part of 2017. I was sceptical at first, but 4 months in, the lawns are amazing ! Patchy grass is now thickening and plants around also look healthier. Still need to do the odd pick up on mowing day, but the smell is next to nothing and the quantity is so much smaller !! I have been recommending to all my friends. Perhaps the only negative, the lawns may need more frequent mowing due to the health of it, but that’s a good thing.

  5. Andrea

    The beetles are great and make a huge difference in looking after my dog’s waste at home. They also help fertilise the garden which is very convenient for me since I’m doing some landscaping work and need every bit of help I can get to make the garden grow better and with less maintenance.
    I highly recommend them.

  6. Rosy

    Love that there are bugs hard at work doing that yucky poop-patrol while I’m spending my weekend doing the more important things… like sipping prosecco on the front porch! Puppis Baw is Innovative, cleaver, and oh so convenient.

    ….Only wish I could get some bugs now that will weed the garden! 🙂

  7. Gloria A.

    Thank you for the dung beetles. They really did make a difference to the smell and number of flies in our back yard…They seem to be aerating the soil as promised too…Thanks for your help.
    I would sincerely recommend these little creatures to anyone who has a problem with dog poo.
    Gloria A.

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