Autumn & Winter Poo Patrol

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Make your dog’s poo work for you!


Why dung beetles? Because they are nature’s poo solution.

Wrapping poop in plastic and sending it to landfill creates waste from something that we can use as a resource in our gardens.

Dung beetles turn your dogs poo into food for their babies and fertiliser for your garden.

All you have to do is release them, and let them do their job.

Because they use the poo for baby food, you have a colony growing in your lawn ready to go next year.


How much would you like to not have to pick up so much poo?

Dogs are the greatest. But, lets be honest – the poop situation isn’t ideal.

These hard working little beetles bury organic matter (dog poo) deep into the soil. Meaning you get to take your hand out of the poop bag. Plus, this action creates a deeper, and better quality top soil in your garden. With dung beetles, and your dogs poo, you can enjoy a thriving garden without the need for commercial fertilisers.


The tunnels that dung beetles dig break up poor quality soil, which helps plant roots and water to penetrate deeper into the ground. The combination of deep root systems and good water penetration means that your garden will be better protected during extreme heat and drought.

This is a one-off cost to establish an active dung beetle population in your yard. Because their offspring will grow in your garden over spring and summer, the next generation of beetles will emerge in Autumn 2018 ready to bury, meaning that you can sit back and relax.

Our spring/summer colony is available if you would like year round dog poo protection.


1 review for Autumn & Winter Poo Patrol

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Initial skepticism aside, I was pretty impressed with the results. So initially, there wasn’t much happening and there was some dog poo accumulating but what I did notice is that the beetles were taking out what they needed and started burying the poo and helping the surface decomposition as well. About 4-5 weeks in, I went from having a clay/rock/useless bit of land to useable fertile soil. So I started moving the dog pooping regions around, and now the whole area is green and useable land. I so Highly recommend this poop solution. Picking up dog poop is the bane of my existence no more.

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