Greener Gardens With Dogs

We love our dogs but not the clean up!

Dung Beetles - Natures dog poo solution
How many times have you wished that your dog would do this?

We understand how much effort cleaning-up after our dogs can be. We do it because we like our gardens and our neighbours. Plus, having a backyard full of dog poo, and a house full of flies, is no fun.

But there’s a better solution.

A completely natural solution, one that’s good for the planet and requires no effort from us.

We’re serious about the no effort. All you need to do is let the solution into your backyard at the right time and let them do the rest.

You just need dung beetles – natures dog poo solution.

Dung beetles – natures poo solution

Dung beetles bury organic matter (your dog’s poo) deep into the soil, creating a deeper, and better quality top soil in your garden – without the need for commercial fertilisers.

The tunnels that dung beetles dig break-up poor quality soil, which helps plant roots and water penetrate deeper into the ground.

This combination of deep root systems and good water penetration means that your garden will be better protected during extreme heat and drought.

The infographic below shows the importance of increasing the biodiversity of our soils. This biodiversity is just as important at home as it is on our agricultural lands.

Nature has provided us with the best solution for dog poo, we just had to put two and two…or beetles and poo… together!