Are they safe?

Yes. Dung beetles are completely safe for your family, your garden and your dog. They are not venomous or poisonous, and only eat poop.
Like earthworms, dung beetles are integral part of a healthy soil ecosystem, helping your garden to thrive.

Do they work?

Yes. Dung beetles happily bury dog poop. Check out the reviews from our happy customers here and on Facebook. Plus an article on dung beetles for dogs from the US here

Dr Karl has put together an article on dung beetles for the ABC. Dung Beetle – Part 1  & Dung Beetle – Part 2

What’s stopping the beetles from leaving my backyard?

Keeping your beetles at your place comes down to good food supply. If the beetles are well fed, they will stay put.
It’s about evolutionary efficiency. Every creature on the planet is designed to seek maximum reward from the minimum possible effort.

If they don’t have to fly over the fence to get food, they won’t expend the extra energy for nothing.

How much poo gets buried?

70% to 95% of each poop gets buried. This percentage depends on how hot and dry the weather is in your backyard. All that is left is the ‘crust’, as indicated on the picture above.

Native or introduced species?

The species that we use were introduced by the CSIRO for use in Agriculture, with the first large scale release occurring in 1967. Dung beetles were needed to reduce the bush fly populations and incorporate cow manure into the soil. Learn more here

My dog is on medication – is this an issue?

Given the issues we are facing with antibiotic resistance around the world, we encourage you to pick-up any poo left by your dog whilst on antibiotics. Soil bacteria share lots of traits with human bacteria and can pass genetic code as easily as we shake hands.

Other medications may impact the life cycle of the beetles. We know from investigations with livestock that some worming products kill beetles or their larvae, whilst others are safe. If you use a monthly or quarterly worming product, it may be worth picking-up the poo the day that you worm and the day after.

Why are there multiple deliveries?

Dung beetles live for a season and die off leaving their offspring growing in the soil. To ensure the most effective coverage for your yard, we need to give you multiple species. These beetles are harvested from farms around Australia and shipped to you as they become available.

I have another question

We would be happy to answer it!
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