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Gemma Thomson – Founder and CEO

Picture of Founder and 'Rocky' the shitzu
Gemma Thomson and ‘Rocky’

I believe in you, your gardens and your dogs. I know that your time is precious and I want you to spend your life doing the things that you love. People tell us that dog poo is the worst thing about their dogs. Even worse than barking, chewing everything, or staring at them intently during romantic moments. Because not all dogs are noisy, destructive perverts. But all dogs poop.

And cleaning it up? We’re not very good at it, because it’s not our evolutionary imperative. We pick it up. With our HANDS. Wrap it in plastic and send it to landfill. All that poop contributes 4% of the waste stream.

We, at Dung Beetles for Dogs, believe that the way that we deal with poo stinks. Our society has always seen poo as a problem instead of a resource. But we have a better way. We’ve put two and two together… or dung beetles and poo together, to give dog owners the best outcome for their lifestyle and our environment. With dung beetles, your dog poo works for you. Your dog poo improves your garden and gives you more time to do the things that matter to you.

We are passionate about making your life better whilst looking after the planet we all share. We work with a dedicated team of Australian suppliers to give you the highest quality dung beetles, which are perfect for the local climate. Our suppliers are passionate about improving the soil and water quality in Australia and have been working with the agricultural industry for the last 20 years. We are proud to bring you the best dung beetles for your dogs.

Give yourself and your dog the gift of a better backyard, because you have better things to do than picking up poo!

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